Brooklyn Law School is now blaming their events director for letting a steamy Diesel photo shoot take place in their library, which almost nobody would have been able to identify had Brooklyn Law School kept their mouths shut. But Administrators say that events director Chris Gibbons presided over the photo shoot, saw what was going on and never told the school. A spokesperson told the Post, "The first time they became aware of the nature of the ads was on Thursday," eight months after the photo shoot.

Gibbons says he felt bad, but had no idea that the shoot would cause this much of an uproar. "I feel terrible that the law school is having all this negative publicity—of course, that's my job, but that's really all I can say." The Post says the most "salacious" photo is of a man resting his head on an underwear-clad model's stomach as both of them lie across the top of a bookshelf. Clearly, they haven't seen this one of a male model under a table with his face apparently in a female model's crotch.

The school claims they were told Diesel would be shooting a jeans ad, but a spokesperson said it's unclear if Gibbons could face termination over the shoot. Gibbons said, "I have to wait and see what's happening with the law school. There's a lot of stuff that got put out there."