Welcome to our new weekly column, "Staff Picks," in which we ask the staffers at our favorite book, music, and movie stores around to town to share with us what they're reading, listening to, and watching this week. We figure they're good people to ask. To kick things off, we talked to Greenpoint indie bookstore WORD, whom we typically trust in all things reading-related. Here's what store manager Stephanie Anderson has been dog-earing recently:

The Hottest Dishes of the Tartar Cuisine by Alina Bronsky

Stephanie says: "What an incredible book. The main character is thoroughly detestable in her manipulations of everyone around her, but despite that (or, more likely, because of it!), I miss her very much now that she’s gone. I don't think I've enjoyed hating a narrator so much since I read Money by Martin Amis. Bronsky’s use of language is vibrant and surprising and I was heartbroken when the book was over. It often seems like everybody who comes in the store is looking for a funny book for a change of pace; I can’t wait to sell them this one."

The Hottest Dishes of the Tartar Cuisine is available at WORD for $15. Buy online here.