Welcome to our weekly column Staff Picks, in which we ask the staffers at our favorite book, music, and movie stores around to town to share with us what they're reading, listening to, and watching this week. We figure they're good people to ask. Today we're checking in with the staff at Williamsburg movie theater Nitehawk Cinema to find out what they've been watching lately.

John Woods, co-cinema director at Nitehawk, recommends: Beats, Rhymes, And Life: The Travels Of A Tribe Called Quest. In the early 90s when they were releasing those classic records, hip hop had already survived the glut of novelty records trying to cash in on what most people thought was a fad in the early 80s. A Tribe Called Quest managed to bring the music back to the pureness of it's origins and make some of the most modern sounding records at the same time. It's wonderful to hear all these songs again and realize how timeless they are. The film really keeps a great balance of insights into how the group and individuals function musically and otherwise.

The American Dreamer is a full access profile of Dennis Hopper (made by L.M. Kit Carson & Dennis Schiller) as he cuts together his notorious follow up to Easy Rider, The Last Movie. He was firmly in the "blank check" from Universal Pictures period of his career and boy, does he take advantage. You cannot overstate the Hopperness in play here. Watch as Dennis runs naked down the street, sips a mysterious frothy drink out of an ever present Goblet, passes out drugs to his guests, shoots guns, cavorts in his bed with four or five women at once, shuttles between Hollywood and his ranch in Taos, New Mexico, and generally just has a good time. This has been seldom seen since it was made and thank the heavens that it exists because it really is a crazy moment in time captured.

Bellflower is one of the most intense films I've seen in a while. It takes so many different elements of influences which you wouldn't think could work together and makes it into a vital and unique film experience. Watching it I was reminded of films from Lost Highway to River's Edge. This film has a vivid atmosphere and tone which really benefits from the big screen and proper sound system experience. It has some truly explosive moments.