As if the West Side Stadium for the Jets needed more negative press, Nicolai Ouroussoff has a scathing review of the stadium in today's NY Times. While Ouroussoff doesn't criticize the design of the actual stadium, he is less than thrilled with the add-ons from Kohn Pederson Fox, the architects for the stadium. The quote that Gothamist (and Curbed too) loves so much:

As if to mask its colossal scale, the stadium is dressed up in a blinding assortment of L.E.D. screens, advertising, shops and restaurants: a mind-numbing spectacle that would echo through the surrounding neighborhoods. The park spaces, supposedly conceived as an act of civic generosity, are nothing more than banal front lawns for retail outlets. The result looks like a parody of late capitalist consumerism.

Pictured above is KPF's rendering for the stadium during the 2012 Olympics. One thing's for certain, they love the use of color. With all the talk of commercialism in the stadium, there is still no mention of naming rights. Gothamist on the stadium and on the 2012 Olympics.

If the stadium ever gets built, what would it take for Ouroussoff and Kohn, Pederson, or Fox to get together in the boxing ring? They can plop the ring right into the stadium. Who would get the coveted black trunks though.

Rendering from Kohn Pederson Fox