2006_02_dickiecat.jpgPeople are eager to open up their homes to Dickie, a tabby cat who was at the center of an ultimately fatal incident in Staten Island. Stephanie Lindboe believed that her neighbor Linda Padulla had stabbed Dickie in the eye, leading Lindboe to attack Padulla with a knife. Police responded and killed Lindboe, who did not drop the 12-inch kitchen knife.

The Staten Island Advance has in-depth coverage of Dickie's surgery and adoption prospects - it seems that many people called yesterday while no one from Lindboe's family has stepped forward to take him in. Gothamist hopes Dickie continues his fine recovery and that he'll be able to pee and poo in a litter box (part of Padulla's beef with Lindboe was that Dickie would soil the hallway). And police believe that the shooting was justified. Lindboe's brother said that she had schizophrenia and police believe she stabbed Dickie in the eye, . At any rate, the Staten Island DA will present the case to a grand jury.

Photograph from the Daily News