St. Patrick's Day; Photo: NY magazine

Since St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow, Gothamist wants you to be prepared for tomorrow night. Some of you may be going home and locking your doors. But others will want a night on the town, and we've looked at guides New York magazine and the Daily News offer to help you with your St. Patty's plans. New York's section covers more things, breaking out bars into "After Work Pubs" and "Pub Crawls" in Queens with some music picks plus what St. Patrick's celebrations are going on in the city. The Daily News's guide to Irish bars and eating is more extensive as is their Irish music guide.

For the housebound, Epicurious has recipes for corned beef as well as a more sophisticated St. Patrick's Day menu. They also rate beers (canned Guinness is better than bottled).

What are you doing tomorrow?