Kenneth Feldman recently became the landlord to a troupe of squirrels, and just emailed to point us towards the website he runs with his wife Michelle, called The Squirrel In Our Window, which documents a family of squirrels living outside of their window in Park Slope. Feldman tells us, "I happen to be both a web designer and a photographer, so I have been documenting the birth and growth of several litters over the last year, and created a website that tells their story." (Someone wants to get a children's book deal!)

The photos almost make squirrels seem adorable... until they grow a little and start trying to claw their way in through the screen. Here's a sample of Feldman's photographs, from July 22nd to September 3rd—see the rest here. He notes that on September 7th the mama squirrel moved the kids to the ground, but we're pretty sure we spotted the whole clan at Union Hall the other night.