Warning: most of this gallery is NSFW! So of course that means someone got naked in the name of art, and it's making museum-goers a little uncomfortable. The Marina Abramović restrospective, which traces the artist's prolific career, only just opened at the MoMA yesterday and it's already offending people! The artist isn't scared to show a little skin, nothing new there, but one part of the installation has patrons squeezing through two naked performers. Awkward. However, the Yugoslavian-born performance artist wouldn't be doing her job if she didn't make her audience experience something they haven't before, no?

Some early attendees spoke to the NY Post about why that part of the installation was particularly bothersome; one explained, "They're too close! I don't want to rub up against them!" Meanwhile, an NYU grad student said she "didn't feel normal. I've never walked between two naked guys like that before—not in public places." TMI?

"Marina Abramović: The Artist is Present" will be running at the MoMA through May 31st; it includes five (of around ninety) pieces she has created since 1969. You can read more about her work in the New Yorker, and watch live video of the installation here. But will you go and walk through the nudes? After all, this happens every day in New York City, albeit with a thin layer of fabric separating you from the naughty bits.