A month ago, we asked Squarespace users in the Gothamist universe to come forward and shamelessly plug their website for a feature on our site. Well, it's time! Here's our subject on what they do and how, exactly, Squarespace has made it that much more awesome.

Jeff Jones is a video producer, graphic designer, photographer, and musician (among other things). His documentary on Central Texas BBQ culture, For the Love of Meat, was promoted via Squarespace and is available for rent or purchase.


So what made you realize you wanted a website? When I started pitching For the Love of Meat for screenings, I needed a professional site; I needed something clean, professional, and easy to use.

What made you choose Squarespace over other web hosting and design options? The price, the templates, the ease of use. I liked other Squarespace sites I had seen and once I got in and started using it, I found it super easy to get what I wanted.

What part of your site are you most proud of? The full-screen imagery I really like on this site. We shot a lot of great stills for the film and the site shows them off really well.

Any surprises when you started the project? Only surprise for me was how fast I got the site built.


Any features that seem especially suited to your product? Easy to embed video, and when I needed to embed a third-party player/purchasing option it was also super easy.

Were you concerned about the cost versus a free service? I had not seen any free services that produced the quality I got from Squarespace, and the cost is so minimal for what I got.


How long did it take you to put your site together? Just a few hours really, with some later tweaks.

Did you notice an uptick in leads or interest in your documentary since the site's been online? The site has been invaluable. We just screened our film in Austin and I was able to send fans, press, and other interested parties to the site for all the info they needed. Plus, I've gotten a good amount of comments and press inquiries through the site. It's been great.


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