Last year Will Ferrell popped up in a couple's engagement photo (the groom was a PA on his movie The Other Guys), and now The Boss is following his lead. Ed Dwyer and Jennifer Smith recently shot their announcement photo on the beach in Manasquan, telling APP they "kept putting them off" due to the crowds there all summer.

On September 20th they headed over to the spot they picked out only to notice that Bruce Springsteen was sitting on one of the benches. In what sounds like a scene from a rom com, the groom happened to be carrying a guitar and Bruce said to him, "Play that box," to which he responded, "No, you're Bruce Springsteen, so, here, you play." And he did.

The couple described the rocker as "real laid-back and chill," and the photographer said the shoot "happened organically, nothing was forced."