After shooting scenes around the world, The Dark Knight Rises is officially filming in the real Gotham City, with production currently set up on 58th Street. A reader sent these photos in, taken this morning, telling us, "the cars in the pictures are on 58th between 5th and 6th right near the Plaza hotel," and trailers are set up on 56th Street.

While plans to shoot at Zuccotti Park have apparently been spiked, the cast and crew will still film on Wall Street very close to the Occupy Wall Street protest, and reportedly, while there, "two stars will appear in 'full costume' for a scene which will involve more than 1000 extras."

On Location Vacations has more details, noting that film is still posting signage under the name Magnum Rex, and that some of these Gotham police cars were unloaded on Wall Street yesterday, near Broad—just a few blocks from Zuccotti Park. Residents in the area have also been warned that there will be gunfire involved in the scenes. So at the very least, the huge production is about to make things more chaotic down there.