Attention, hipsters of Sag Harbor (surely there are a few of you, in artfully frayed seersucker?): there is now an entire section of your local bookstore devoted to Hipster Lit, so you may go forth and read in a disaffected manner.

The two-shelf selection at the Sag Harbor Bookhampton includes titles such as High Fidelity, by Nick Hornby, Lush Life, by Richard Price, and, somewhat inexplicably, Illuminations, by Arthur Rimbaud. Notably absent from the list are any authors with vaginas, and, for the most part, skin that is not white.

Will real-live hipsters, some are asking, buy from this hipster lit section? "Creating a book section catering to a somewhat nebulous social phenomenon invites all sorts of raised eyebrows, ridicule, and scorn," writes Barkan, which is true, though it's worth noting that the Bookhampton didn't invent the phrase: a quick search on GoodReads reveals a best-of (if cliched) list of "Popular Hipster Lit Books," and way back in 2009, Flavorwire compiled the supposed "Ultimate Hipster Reading List."

We got in touch with Greenpoint bookstore WORD to find out if they would ever have a Hipster Lit shelf. Here's what manager Jenn Northington had to say: "We are definitely fans of quirky displays—for a while we had an Arts/Film/Music/Sports section, and we referred to it as the "Things People Care Too Much About" shelf. The hardest part about these sections is figuring out what to put on them, which was something the New Yorker article focused on about the Hipster Lit shelf. How do you pick? It's hard! Not to mention that calling anything 'hipster' in North Brooklyn is a good way to make sure that it never gets picked up. So we would probably avoid that."