These old concert posters were recently spotted by a Redditor in the Herald Square subway station, under the entrance on 32nd street between 6th and Broadway... and it's not the first time. About four years ago a reader of Forgotten-NY also discovered the hidden gems, which are originally from 1980 (and pasted up in 1979). The posters were for the January 4th, 1980 event titled: The Concert For a Non-Nuclear Decade, and tickets cost $12.50.

During this era there were many—including politicians, musicians, and celebrities—who were asking that the U.S. give up their nukes, and prior to this Town Hall concert there was a much larger one at Madison Square Garden. At the time a Harvard Crimson writer noted that: "A few months ago, several leading rock artists unselfishly donated their time and talents to what were, for many their first political benefits; New York's MUSE (Musicians United for Safe Energy) Concerts for a Non-Nuclear Future were, in many ways, the '70s answer to Woodstock."

Don McLean, of "American Pie" fame (a song he released about nine years prior to this concert) is the most recognizable name on the poster; also on the bill were musicians Steve Burgh, Dean Friedman, Joy Ryder & Avis Davis, and Tony Bird. Comedian Andy Breckman (who you can still hear on WFMU) was also booked, and would later talk about his time with McLean, saying he was "the most bitter, petty, insecure scumbag I ever met." This poster documents one of their first of a series of tour dates together that would lead to the feud.