Back when NYC 2012 was still a possibility, Gothamist's own Neil Epstein designed a logo spoofing New York's bid (note that the old entry has "spoof" in the title) for the games. More than a year, Channel Ten news in Melbourne, Australia used Neil's logo in a news report on the status of the Olympic bids.

We're not sure who was responsible for this colossal and obvious mixup, but the Australia's ABC network caught the error and aired it on Media Watch. It almost looks like ABC just Googled "nyc olympic logo" and picked the first image that came up, ignoring the fact that the logo features a stick-up.

While the error is amusing by itself, the most entertaining part of this whole story might be the piece by Media Watch. Neil was apparently "stoked" and when they did the voiceover for Neil's quote, he had a spacey Australian accent [use your best Australian accent in your head], "I was pretty blown away by the idea that someone would use it, it's was pretty obvious to me that it would be in pretty poor taste for there to be a gunman in any logo, I guess I did too good of a job."