TC_bio_marcel.JPG2007_01_ilan.gifThere are reports all over the internet that a staffer at Food and Wine inadvertently revealed the winner of this season's Top Chef finale, due to air tomorrow night at 10. Well, it seems now that they've actually got winner profiles posted for both Marcel and Ilan. Let the speculation begin.

And did you see Anthony Bourdain's analysis of the Top Chefs contesants at Michael Ruhlman's blog? Here are some things he says about Marcel and Ilan - but as is always the case with Mr. Bourdain, he has a lot more to say:

On Marcel:

This is a very talented kid--with enormous potential for culinary artistry and he's got BIG balls...He has a superb eye for presentation. But his Chef potential? Presently zero.

On Ilan:Okay: So Ilan cribs his offerings shamelessly from Andy Nusser. And he's a manipulative, conspiratorial, vindictive, weasely little shit....(Hardly impediments to a career as a chef). These are classic assets.