SPIN Magazine has sent an Oregon man, Eric Rice, a cease & desist letter demanding that he give up his Twitter handle: @SPIN. They write that his Twitter account is causing a significant amount of confusion among their client's customers, who are "redirected to @SPIN" (the magazine's handle is @SPINmagazine—which is the first thing to come up if one Googles "spin twitter").

The magazine uses examples where important transmissions referring to their magazine have nearly been lost, like: "Wow @timesnewviking's newie Dancer Equired has scored 8/10 in @spin magazine. fair do's!" Maybe people should just learn how to use the Google machine and/or Twitter? Regardless, ping pong club SPiN NYC better watch its back, too.

We've contacted both SPIN and @SPIN for comment, and will update when we hear back. In the meantime, do you think it's fair for a big company to go after someone for a Twitter handle?