StripperellaWhen we last looked at this story, we wondered if Spike Lee had a legitimate reason to complain about TNN changing its name to Spike TV. Well, Lee was granted an injunction against Spike TV from using the name "Spike." The judge wrote, "Contrary to defendants' position, the court is of the opinion that in the age of mass communication, a celebrity can in fact establish a vested right in the use of only their first name or a surname. There are many celebrities that are so recognized, including Cher, Madonna, Sting and Liza." Okay, but never has Spike Lee been just Spike in recent memory. While Gothamist does agree that having your name associated with Stripperella, Pamela Anderson's animated show for Spike TV, might be a little disconcerting, it's still a leap that people would think Spike TV is associated with Mr. Lee. We actually thought Spike TV was a new all-volleyball, all-the-time channel.

Gothamist didn't realize it was Johnnie Cochran arguing Spike Lee's case. Of course he would be, but still...we bet the judge took one look at Johnnie and thought, "Let's just get this over with soon." We also wonder if the $500,000 bond Lee had to take out for Viacom's lawyers will be coming out of Cochran's fee.