Spike Lee's 2018 film BlacKkKlansman was widely praised as one of the best of his career. When it was released, columnist Rebecca Carroll wrote that "it moved me as much for its masterful filmmaking as for its essential Spike Lee-ness." With the film still being talked about as we enter awards season, Metrograph has decided to spend a few days celebrating films from across Lee's career—and the man himself will show up for a screening of his latest work.

Running from this Friday November 30th through next Wednesday December 5th, Lower East Side art house cinema and restaurant Metrograph will have showings of six Spike Lee films, eschewing obvious (and rightfully beloved) classics like Do The Right Thing for some of his best deep cuts. That includes: Mo Better Blues on Friday, Bamboozled on Sunday, BlacKkKlansman on Sunday, 4 Little Girls on Monday, Inside Man on Monday, and Summer Of Sam on Monday and Wednesday.

In addition, Lee will give an "extended introduction" to BlacKkKlansman on Sunday, and actors Michael Imperioli and Victor Colicchio will do an introduction and Q&A for Summer Of Sam on Wednesday.

You can check out more information and buy tickets, which are going fast, here.