Despite taking up residence on the Upper East Side, Spike Lee's Brooklyn roots run famously deep, so it seems only natural that the Do The Right Thing director would defect from his Lin-less New York Knicks in favor of the shiny new Brooklyn Nets next season. Right? No, absolutely wrong.

Lee recently told the Times that he will never abandon his beloved Manhattan-based team, no matter how much closer the Nets' Downtown Brooklyn home base might be to his origins, no matter how many Jeremy Lins are given away for free, no matter how many Eddy Currys are given fat paychecks, no matter how many Knicks-related songs JD and the Straight Shot release. "No, no and no. Can't do that. Can't," Lee told the Times when asked if his basketball loyalties were up for grabs. "My son is going to be orange and blue, and his son after him. And they are going to bury me in these colors. In Brooklyn." Never doubt a true fan!

Lee's coming-of-age in Fort Greene has always been part of his cannon, and he's had the opportunity to watch Brooklyn's transform into Gentrification Nation firsthand. His mother reportedly purchased their brownstone in the neighborhood, which "Real Estate people" referred to as "Brooklyn Heights vicinity," according to Lee for only $40,000 (Corcoran Group now lists single apartments in Fort Greene brownstones for nearly 20 times that price). But Lee's Knicks history is just as central to his core, so it looks like he'll be letting Jay-Z have all the black-and-white allegiance to himself. But if you're worried you'll miss out on spotting Lee at the Barclays Center this winter, have no fear! He'll be heading to Atlantic Yards to watch the Knicks take on the Nets at the new team's opening game. And thus, the Brooklyn vs. Manhattan battle rages into an ever-weary infinity.