Rumor has it that Spike Lee is taking a class at Columbia this fall. Ivy Leak says he may be at a Tuesday/Thursday night class in Hamilton, and BWOG thinks he could be taking a Literature Humanities, "brushing up on his dead white men." Oh, we suppose Spike couldn't be content reading David Denby's Great Books, which is about Columbia's humanities classes - or attending a class at his alma mater, NYU (is he still on sabbatical from the graduate film program?). Maybe Spike is researching the college life for a new movie!

On a semi-related note, check out the Malcolm X Project at Columbia University. The Institute for Research in African-American Studies create a site that would work as a multimedia version of The Autobiography of Malcolm X. Unfortunately it seems that you can only get access to that site if you are a Columbia student or faculty member, but the Project site has Malcolm X speeches, extensive timelines and interviews with his associates available.