If Stephen Colbert's Late Show opening is too upbeat for you, don't worry. Here's a new option, which gives you the opportunity to dwell on the meaning of your life and possible lack of connection with other humans, courtesy director Spike Jonze.

Jonze, who was on the talk show to promote the new all-Vice, all-the-time cable channel, Viceland, directed this version with Colbert waking up in Central Park and gazing at the mega-skyscrapers. And before he can hop on a train to Montauk, a friendly, furry blue face is there to help:

During the show, Colbert and Jonze discussed filming the segment last Friday (Jonze also offered to shoot one every Friday) and how Colbert almost got run over by a school bus:

If you need something else to ponder, Late Show posted the second part of Colbert's interview with Casey Affleck, which was extremely awkward.