The distinctive, inventive, [insert overused but highly appropriate adjective here] flair of skateboard-magazine-editor-turned-music-video-director-turned-Hollywood's-new-guard Spike Jonze will be on display this year at Resfest. When it rolls into town on October 11, there will be a program called Spike Jonze Rarities, including a number of unseen videos and short films, including 1995's "The Oasis Video that Never Happened" and a Fatboy Slim's "Weapon of Choice" video with audio commentary from Christopher Walken. Jonze, along with Michel Gondry and Chris Cunningham, are at the fore of more visually engaging and cutting-edge videos; a DVD of Jonze's work will be released on October 28.

For some additional "Weapon of Choice" fun, the stick figure version of the video. Some of Spike Jonze's video credits.