Spike and SpikeAs we suspected, Spike Lee and Viacom have settled the "Who does the name Spike belong to" issue. Viacom can rebrand TNN "Spike TV," Spike Lee gets some cash money.

One of his lawyers says, "We have settled the case with Viacom. It's obviously good when parties settle." Yeah, it's good Spike didn't have to pony up the $2 million bond for pursuing his suit against Viacom. Let that be a lesson to anyone who argues that VH-1 or Noggin is their name: Sumner Redstone, he's tough, he may be like a thousand years old, but he survived a fire.

Updated: According to Variety, Viacom has "lost $30 million in marketing costs and a projected loss of more than $100 million in ad revenues." Excellent work, Spike, sabotaging some of the most advertising around these days.

Spike, Gothamist hopes that with this behind you that you can go back to directing stuff like Clockers and Do The Right Thing, or the underrated 25th Hour. Or to traveling on the same airplanes as Jen.