How do you roll out a movie whose existence "spoils" the plot of an entire franchise? That's the conundrum Marvel found itself in with promoting the latest adventure of the IP known as Peter Parker (not the cartoon Jake Johnson, not Tobey Maguire, not Andrew Garfield)—any footage of Spider-Man gleefully swinging around Manhattan would immediately mean that the events of last year's mammoth Avengers: Infinity War will soon be null and void. And yes, anyone who cares about this stuff (dear God, do people care) already could be pretty assured of that outcome given the production schedules for movies like this—but it's still somewhat of a stakes-flattening bummer.

However, what the audience loses in plot surprises, the audience gains exponentially in Jake Gyllenhaal's presence as Mysterio, which apparently involves Gladiator cosplay. Look at this man channeling Paul Giamatti's legendary facial performance as Rhino in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and try to tell me these movies don't get what the audience wants.

So: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) heads to Europe with his friends (including Zendaya as MJ, that is a fact now) and ends up getting recruited by Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson, not dust, filling in the Iron Man father figure role from Spider-Man: Homecoming... shit wait, does that mean Tony Stark is dead?) to fight a bunch of elemental creatures alongside Mysterio (Gyllenhaal), who apparently is good guy (...for now). Also, everyone is still hot for Aunt May (Marisa Tomei).

Check out the teaser trailer for Spider-Man VII: The Post-Infinity Wars Years: How I Spent My Summer Vacation: Iron Man 5 below.