After numerous injuries and creative lawsuits, Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark is finally closing. The production announced that "the Broadway spectacular that defied odds and expectations to conquer New York, is moving to Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world." The final performance will be at the Foxwood Theatre in January 2014.

According to a statement from the producers, the spectacle is the 16th highest grossing Broadway production of all time, "having taken in more than $200 million at the box office. The show has been seen by approximately two million fans, and will have played 1,268 performances by the time it takes its final bow at the Foxwoods Theatre." However, the NY Times looked at the actually state of business:

While the musical emerged to become an audience favorite, grossing roughly $1.5 million a week in ticket sales for a time, “Spider-Man” eventually lost popularity. It grossed only $742,595 last week, or 48 percent of the maximum possible amount, with about three-quarters of its seats filled at the Foxwoods Theater.

“The show is, I would say, middling,” producer Jeremiah J. Harris said of box office sales. “We could run for probably another three to five years being stuck in the middle. We think it will play Las Vegas with a greater bang than it did in New York.” The producers are now in final negotiations for a space in Las Vegas, which Mr. Harris declined to identify.

A revamped version of the production is expected to debut in Las Vegas sometime in 2015.