It's funny, Spider-Man 2 is opening today and while it's gotten a very healthy marketing push, Gothamist hasn't really been paying attention, because of the Fahrenheit 9/11 brouhaha, as well as other bigger world matters. Or maybe it's because it's so ubiquitous, we're not that concerned with Peter Parker's doings (we know that Sony is working on the third movie, so clearly Spider-Man doesn't die). Gothamist will go out and see it, though, since it's about a young New Yorker, attending Columbia, trying to make it in this tough city, wearing tight clothes. And there's J.K. Simmions and Bill Nunn.

Are you seeing Spider-Man 2 today or this week? Rotten Tomatoes says Spider-Man 2 is fresh fresh fresh! And Gothamist's favorite Spider-Man 2 license: The Crest spin brush - it's so crazy looking.