At this point, you're probably getting sick of the American Dream thanks to the Great Gatsby overload that has swept through the nation with the release of the opulent new Baz Luhrmann film. Although we've had some fun chitchatting with Luhrmann and reading a teenager's review, we'd also be quite happy not to have to think about the symbolism of blinking green lights ever again. However, we do have one recommendation before you swear off great American novels: you should first play this Great Gatsby 8-bit game, because it is surprisingly fun.

In the NES-like game, which was developed by Charlie Hoey and Pete Smith, users play as Nick Carraway as he searches for Gatsby, while fighting off a motley crew of hobos, flappers and waiters by using your hat as a weapon. With lots of cut scenes, quotes from the novel, and Roaring Twenties music-as-8-bit soundtrack, it's more fun than reading!

Too bad Stephen Colbert and Carrey Mulligan didn't get a chance to play the game instead of having to fake their way through the book. Although, it is pretty interesting that Mulligan thinks the film is about "a movie stunt driver...who also drives getaway cars...who gets in trouble with these really bad guys and he hammers a nail into their head… and that’s the end."