Someone Tweeted this video at us because that is how the Youngs communicate these days. Please take 3 minutes and 39 seconds to watch the entire thing, because we have some questions:

First question: Are we only finding out about this guy now but really he's already so over and we're late to the party? If the answer is "yes" just take our laptop and modem out back and do what you gotta do. No need to keep reading.

Still here? Phew. Okay, so is it ironic? Is it post-ironic? Are we too old and too square to get it? Is it trying to tell us something? Is this like who Hannah from Girls would befriend during a faux bad-ass hipst-hop phase? What's hipst-hop? Did we just invent that? ™! This is like exactly who you guys think of when you think of "hipsters," right? Listen we don't want to use that word either, but this boy-man kind of seems to embody the collective definitions and ideas people have about hipsters, no? [Editor's note: find our previous coverage of hipsters here.] Is this who will be at Skinny Dennis if we ever make it over there like we want to? Is this like what Thought Catalog would look like as a video?