Harry, Speller; Photo - Spellbound

Yay! Spellbound finally opens at Film Forum today! Gothamist has been following this spelling bee documentary for a while, and will try to make it to West Houston today to see it. A.O. Scott loves the film, and mentions, one contestant, "Harry, a voluble boy from New Jersey, who struggles with an Anglo-Saxon plural noun (to write it would be to spoil one of the film's most excruciating and hilarious moments) referring to a religious practice he's never heard of." Harry is from Glen Rock, where I spent my 0-12 years.

The official site for Spellbound is cool, but also a pain in the ass because each time you go back "Home," the Flash heavy homepage has to load.

Spellbound is also the title of an Alfred Hitchcock film, the 1945 Ingrid Bergman-Gregory Peck mystery with dream sequences courtesy Dali. Criterion does its usual crackerjack job in the Criterion Collection DVD of Spellbound.