2005_12_bestof.jpgSometimes, when we read New York magazine, we think, "Wow, this is for people who make about $300,000 more than what we dream of making" because, hey, it's a $30,000 dress. But this week's issue has a story about missing Pabst Blue Ribbon in Brooklyn - something for the very struggling masses - as well as a story making a deal with a grandma to have her help out with the deposit on a Brooklyn brownstone - who wouldn't agree to have a baby quickly and live with your grandmother for a hunk of Park Slope real estae? And then there is New York's "Cultural Elite" section, where they name their favorite New Yorkers and various entertainment offerings in TV, music, movies, etc. - which is amusing to see, if only to learn that TV critic John Leonard loves Mary Louise Parker a hell of a lot and that Jack White is good theater. So, next week, we expect not to relate so much.

Did you read New York's Cultural Elite issue? What did you think? And we totally agree that Will Arnett and Amy Poehler rule.