Confirmation of Spalding Gray's death

has saddened many, but, unfortunately, it seemed that a body would be recovered at some point, given his past history of suicide attempts. While family believes the writer-actor jumped from the Staten Island Ferry, Newsday reports that police believe he jumped from the "Manhattan, Williamsburg or Brooklyn Bridge because of where his body washed up."

Another sad thing is the Gray's wife, Kathleen Russo, found out about the body that had been found near the North 10th Street Pier off Greenpoint only when an AP writer contacted her. Then, she learned that the medical examiner's office confirmed the body was Gray's by watching the news. "It's just horrible," Vass said. "The whole thing is just dreadful. There's just so much upset in all of this and so much sadness."

The Washington Post's theater critic, Peter Marks, writes a lovely essay on Gray's work and hope that his disappearance was just that. Bruce Weber's appreciation of Gray in the Times also covers Gray's career and notes his confessional monologues "opened the stage door for every actor with a penchant for public confession."

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