2006_02_projrun10.jpgCan you believe this is the tenth episode of Project Runway this season? Seeing only five designers made Gothamist upset, because we love our PR so much that we don't know what we'll do when the season is over. This week, Bravo announced that there would be a reunion show on February 22, and then March 1 and March 8 will each have one hour of the two-hour season finale. Quick - organize your Project Runway watching parties and Gothamist will work on the drinking game once the final three are chosen. Now, about last night...

The boys of 35D are sad that Andrae is gone, with one saying that Andrae was the glue that held them together. Really? Then Santino must be the termite tearing them apart. The designers get the challenge from Heidi, who says they'll have to give their fellow designers head to toe makeovers (and Heidi was super cute when she announced this). She drew the designers' names out of the bag and this is how it broke down: Kara would design for Santino; Santino for Kara; Nick for Daniel, Daniel for Chloe, Chloe for Nick. Gothamist was excited because Kara + Santino = Crying (if Zulema was going to drive to Kara to the edge, then Santino would probably kick her over it). The sad part was that Andrae's sweet model Danyelle was auf wiedersehned out and she weepy about it.

While this episode was actually pretty boring clothing wise (like, how much do you care about what Kara wears?), it was very interesting to see how the makeover subjects told their designers exactly what to do whereas others let the designers go. [More about the episode after the jump; Gothamist is trying to be nice to people who haven't see the episode yet, but even we stayed up late last night to watch it after Movable Hype!]

As Nick - and anyone else - predicted, Santino really bossed Kara around. But Kara, being Kara, took it because she didn't know what to do - and that's not shocking since she has never seemed to know what the do in any challenge. Santino wanted a preppy look and specifically prescribed madras pants. In return, Santino decided to make Kara wear a jumpsuit because he wanted her to look less less a hippie (and more like a 70s rollergirl?). Nick suggested he have a more dressed up suity look, though a Eurotrashy one, and Chloe decided to make him look "expensive." Daniel wanted to dress up Chloe (like a little doll!) while Nick wanted to make Daniel look more sleek in a suit. Their visit to Mood was cute, with the designers consulting their "clients" - and Santino did physically pick out the fabrics he wanted for the outfit Kara was making for him. They got $200 plus 2 days to work on the outfits, so clearly the judges were hoping for something good.

Tensions ran high between Nick and Santino. Nick seemed extra pissy and Santino just seemed himself, making jokes about how you can't polish a turd (and that is funny!). However, Nick was the fastest with sewing his pattern and bragging how he had done menswear before - and you know that when someone says that on reality television, a comeuppance will be coming. Chloe freaked out about making menswear (where's Emmett when you need him?) but Nick confirmed his vest (he would wear suit pants and a vest) should be tight. Santino tried on pants that Kara made and said, "Are these space pants?" Kara, confused as usual, said what and Santino jumped in, "Because my ass is out of this world."

2006_02_projrun10santino.jpgTim later announced that there would be no models and that they would model the designs, plus get L'Oreal makeovers. The L'Oreal stylist told Santino he had a great jawline and eyes, inflating the Santino ego exponentially in order to shave the scraggle off. Nick wanted Daniel to be more tan and wear bronzer but the stylist said no. In the end, the designers looked great all cleaned up and made up - except for Daniel who seemed wan with his hair brushed away from his forehead. What was hysterical was seeing the designers fit each other - Nick's suit for Daniel had terrible tailoring, Santino wasn't finished with Kara's jumpsuit. Now, Gothamist never really wants to hear the words "Kara" and "jumpsuit" again, but we can understand where Santino was going with it - though it didn't look that great.

The guest judge was Freddy Lieba, a fashion stylist, and he really loved Chloe's look for Nick - pink button-down shirt, pinstriped pants, pinstriped vest with pink backing. Nina seemed to love Kara's preppy casual look for Santino. Low marks for Daniel's dress for Chloe, which they thought made her look like an old lady - not that it mattered, as he had immunity. So that left Santino's jumpsuit for Kara and Nick's suit for Daniel on the chopping block. The judges complained that Santino doesn't really care about women when he designs - nor does he finish the designs - and the problems with Nick's suit were that it was too feminine (just as Tim Gunn warned!), didn't have pockets, the jacket had no closure so it looked more Golden-Girls-y than men's wear. When the judges asked Kara if she liked what Santino designed for her, she couldn't even say anything (compare that to Nick, who said he loved what Chloe designed, even though he told the other designers and Tim in the workroom that he felt like a British Airways attendant). When the designers were waiting as the judges deliberated, Kara wept about feeling bad that she didn't say anything as Nick, Chloe and Daniel comforted her - and seemed to find out that the jumpsuit was glued on her! Santino just sulked. Back on the runway: Daniel was told he could have been out with this crappy design (Heidi was very upset, saying she didn't "like what he did to Chloe" as if he physically hurt her!), Kara was safe, and Chloe was the winner! The judges ultimately decided that Nick had to go, because of the poor tailoring on the suit. Nick was weepy but gracious during his exit. He also mentioned how his parents would be proud of him and Gothamist admits we got a little teary.

Gothamist's basic problem with this episode was that it was less exciting when all the designers are trying to make the same dress. For instance, the Barbie and Nicky Hilton challenges were fun because they were for one specific "client." And they are working alone. We do think Santino really guided Kara a lot - not that that is an excuse for Santino to not finish his outfit for Kara, but Kara isn't too imaginative. Next week's episode should be good - Austin Scarlett, Kara Saun and Jay McCarroll are there for the "evening dress" challenge - and Jay says that he hopes Santino gets sacked. Bring it on!

As always, we love to read Tim's Blog. He speaks for us all when he says he'll miss Uncle Nick.