Air travel, is at best, a neutral experience for most people in this country (spare me the Louis CK miracle of flight bit). If you're lucky, no one leans way back on you, there's no turbulence, you actually depart and arrive approximately on time and no one makes a huge scene in the cabin. You can now add "not having sat through an inescapable music performance" to the list of things that will make your flight a positive one, with the news that Southwest Airlines is expanding their in-air concert series. Yes, concerts on an airplane in the sky, which you cannot escape.

According to Billboard, Warner Music and Southwest have entered an arrangement to increase he amount of Live at 35 concerts the airline holds. As the name implies, the musical performances take place while you're already miles above the surface of the Earth, trapped in a steel tube with nothing to do but grit your teeth and wait for the awful experience to pass. So it's kind of like when a mariachi band walks on to your subway car, except not nearly as fun and it lasts for multiple songs.

Southwest has been subjecting their passengers to the "fun" "viral" "experiences" since 2011, according to Billboard, and for the life of me I can't understand why people in all of these YouTube videos are whipping out their phones to take videos of the performance. Then again I'm a weirdo who asked everyone to throw me in the East River when I die. But a bunch of people on my Twitter feed were also mad about this, so I can't be that weird:

Maybe New Yorkers are just embittered psychos who want to be thrown off a bridge, who can tell? Anyway, please enjoy this good song about an airplane, one you don't have to actually listen to performed when you're trapped on an airplane: