The Brooklyn Botanic Garden's Sakura Matsuri Festival is one of the highlights of our city's springtime season, and the Garden's cherry blossoms are at the center of it all. The cherries hit peak just as April turns into May, when — during normal times — thousands of people would swarm the Cherry Esplanade for pictures beneath the twin rows of towering pink trees. Alas, these times are anything but normal, and the BBG has been shut to visitors since March.

While a few intrepid cherry fans have been able to catch glimpses through the fences on Flatbush Avenue and those bordering the Brooklyn Museum parking lot, we wanted to bring the uplifting joy of cherry blossoms to a wider audience, and so we arranged a trip to photograph the trees this weekend, just as the blossoms were beginning to peak. Afterwards, we took a spin around the rest of the grounds and saw some other spring flowers, including azaleas and tulips.

Someday this quarantine is going to end: until then, if you have any ideas on uplifting places you'd like us to photograph, let us know in the comments.