caughtontape.jpgIt's been more than 30 years since David Berkowitz began his drawn out killing spree that paralyzed New York City with fear. Perhhaps roused by the release of the movie "Zodiac" in March, which details the pursuit of an infamous west coast serial killer who was never caught, Berkowitz is desirous of some public attention. He sat down with a reporter for WCBS news for an extensive interview in a program that will air in three parts over three nights, beginning Monday. The program will also include interviews with the NYPD detective who took Berkowitz's confession after his arrest and the killer's Attica prison guard. A self-described Satanist at the time of the killings, Berkowitz now claims to have found God during his time behind bars.

David Berkowitz was initially dubbed the ".44 Caliber Killer". He murdered his first victims, Donna Lauria and Jody Valenti, by shooting them as they sat in a car in July, 1976. He would shoot five more people over the next year, and then a letter was found near the scene of his seventh and eighth shootings that self-refererrentially identified the killer as "Son of Sam." The letter was signed, however, "Mr. Monster". Berkowitz ultimately killed six people and seriously wounded several others before he was caught by police in August, 1977.