Ha ha ha. It seems like news that the movie version of Rent would be filming in San Francisco for free at their manmade island, Treasure Island, has some people angry. In a rent deal that would make the savviest rent-controlled apartment dwelling New Yorker envious, SF's Film Commission is subtracting the cost various capital improvements to the Treasure Island building from its $12,000 rent. But now Treasure Island has cold feet, with its director appearing on site, demanding that work stop and a roofer be arrested...it's all very public. Anyway, Gothamist is debating whether to call it the "Columbus Curse" or "Revenge of the Real East Village," but if this deal falls through, Gothamist will wait for news from Torontoist that Rent scouts have been in their neck of the woods.

Those crazy kids at SFist have drafted a letter to SF Mayor Gavin Newsome to remain committed (or something) to film production. NYC's plan to lure filmmakers to the five boroughs includes various tax credits, plus help in marketing, a special "Made in NY" logo, and other production incentives.