Coming soon to the pages of Teen People: Bridal fashion for those who want more attention from friends and family. The Daily News reports what Britney was wearing and to Gothamist, the outfit proves it was a spur of the moment, if not totally drunken decision: "With skin-tight tattered blue jeans cut down to here and a belly shirt cut up to there, Spears was in the zone as she made her way down the aisle with her frat-boy hubby. Her famous blond locks were covered with a white baseball cap and the chapel handed her a frilly lace garter, which she shimmied up the left leg of her jeans."

Other fun facts:
– Britney and ex hubby Jason Allen Alexander planned their marriage while watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
– Afterwards, Britney's mother and manager made her realize why marriage would be a problem career wise; soon, the lawyers were called.
– Alexander once hit a guy who bought his then girlfriend a drink; now that's chivalry.

The DN also looks at other bad and brief celebrity marriages. Of course the best one is the 10 day marriage between producer Robert Evans (The Kid Stays in the Picture) and Catherine Oxenberg after they knew each other for 4 days; Oxenberg left reportedly the 30 years her senior producer "when he tried to consummate their marriage."