The only thing that matters in this hot new offering from "The Bedford Stop," a YouTube series that explores the hijinks of four Williamsburg-based vejazzled merkins, is that a glass of wine at the Barclays Center is served with a top.

Did you know about this? A top, to keep it from spilling on your eyelash curler or toy Pomeranian when you jam it into your tote bag. A top, to keep it from sloshing out the sides when you're Drake dancing for your Snapchat or choking the lights out of a bitch for hogging the phone charger. Genius has a name, and it is Wine Top Thing. What is it's name, anyway? I need to know where to send the Edible Arrangement.

The second only thing that matters is that Olena asks, earnestly, whether "they are doing the game," which is the correct terminology to employ when addressing Sport.

This is a good, even edifying video, except for the parts when they speak. Watch this instead:

Bedford Stop director Mikey Ortiz tells us the web series has been picked up by a production company and is being shopped around to networks. It's only a matter of time before your mom asks if you've seen this show they filmed in that neighborhood where you two shopped at J. Crew.