In honor of the 50th anniversary of Buckminster Fuller's patent for the geodesic dome, the U.S. Postal Service has created these awesome Buckminster Fuller stamps. Based on a Time magazine cover illustration by Boris Artzybasheff, Gothamist loves how Fuller's head is a dome - we'd dig a doll like that. And Fuller's first name was Richard, but came to be called "Bucky." Gothamist was obsessed with bucky balls, which are "carbon-composed clusters of 60 carbon atoms" back in day, probably because we thought it was so cool someone was named "Buckminster." You can find out more about the inventor, architect, engineer, designer, geometrician, cartographer and philosopher Fuller at the Buckminster Fuller Institute.

And a few months ago, the U.S.P.S. announced new stamps with the works of Isamu Noguchi. The wonderful Noguchi Museum in Queens, which has just reopened, also has a sculpture that Noguchi did of Bucky Fuller. These stamps are so elegant, Gothamist is motivated to to get started on our holiday cards.

Isamu Noguchi sculpture stamps