From Revolution Studios, the studio producing Rent, the studio behind classics like Tomcats, the Master of Disguise, and and the upcoming Christmas with the Kranks whose previews make our teeth hurt, a letter to Gothamist about the movie version of Rent being filmed in San Francisco's manmade island:

We saw your recent story on the Gothamist website about the film version of Rent, and we wanted to take the opportunity to clarify a few points that were made.
While you state that Rent is to be filmed in San Francisco, in fact all exterior shots for the film are to be filmed in New York City. The Treasure Island location in San Francisco is where the soundstages and interior sets are to be located.

The film will remain true to the original story of Rent and will be set in New York's East Village. The city of San Francisco gave Chris Columbus the Treasure Island stages for free, and this enormous financial help from the city of San Francisco was the difference being able to get the picture made. Chris Columbus is fully aware of the importance of the East Village location in the story, and will be filming all of the exterior shots for the film on location in New York City.

Gothamist appreciates the time Revolution Studios took to contact us, and we're very happy that the East Village will be clogged with production trucks and craft service tables (we're thinking Avenue D, since Avenues A, B, and C are considerably less gritty). But Gothamist still stands by our thoughts that the film will suck and echo Out of Focus' sentiment (who also wrote about Rent filming in SF and was contacted by Revolution Studios) that if you can only get the movie version of Rent made by getting free soundstages, then, by God, the movie will suck.

Yahoo Movies still lists the film as being attached with Spike Lee. Now that would have been fierce, though we don't know if that would have been good either. And to its credit, Revolution produced Black Hawk Down, Punch Drunk Love, and...and...