The Daily News talks with some of the city's stores to find out what's on people's gift giving lists this year. To no one's surprise, gadgets fill the lists, from Sony's DVD camcorder to digital cameras and MP3 players. Other popular gifts are anything that monogrammed, UnderAmour performance clothes (think slick athletic clothing), and Bratz dolls, those creepy but strangely compelling dolls that teach little kids (mostly little girls) how to be hoochie mamas or metrosexuals in training.

The Apple iPod, perhaps the most coveted MP3 player around these days, was blasted by users for its poor battery performance. New Yorkers Casey and Van Neistat, annoyed with Apple's poor customer service regarding the issue (Apple suggested they buy a new iPod since cost of repairs and replacing their broken iPod would cost as much), made a film about it as Apple just announced a new policy for the iPod: Replacment battery at $99, extended warranty for $59. The brothers think this is fair.

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