If you're staying in the city for the holidays, it can be a tough time to be single. There's so much stuff to do to get in the spirit, but your friends are out of town and sometimes—though it can be so gratifying to explore an empty city alone—you want someone to tag along on your adventures.

Think about the stuff you'd like to do this year: see a screening of Nightmare Before Christmas; tour some holiday light displays; cook up a big feast (or at least try!); or sit at home under all the throw blankets and watch cheesy Bing Crosby classics. No matter what your style, you really can find someone out there who would love to join you.

Maybe you've heard of Happn. It's a dating app, but there are plenty of those, right? Well, the difference is that Happn uses real-time, hyper-local technology to introduce you to people you've crossed paths with in real life. This means every time you go to the indie theater, the specialty foods market, the gym, the neighborhood dog run, the comic book store, Happn logs other users around you and puts them in your feed.

So next time you catch the eye of a cute stranger down the aisle, your shyness won't thwart you—just scroll through the app later and, if they're there, see if you're a match! Tap "Like" and you'll be notified if they did the same; send a Charm if you'd like to break the ice and get noticed. Even better, you'll never receive a message from someone you didn't already like.

Start now and we'll bet you can meet someone just in time to share your idea of the perfect holiday in New York, no matter what it is.

Happn is available on Windows phone, iPhone and Android.

This post is brought to you by Happn.