Photo by Luna Park

Last week a newspaper box was up for sale on eBay, and with days left was already up to a four-figure bid. To recap: the box had been adorned by graffiti artist Cost for an art exhibit in November, and following the exhibit's opening it, and 11 other boxes, were put back on the street. Back on the sidewalks, the boxes dispensed the free show-listing publication Showpaper.

In the comments of our post last week, Todd P—who is the founder
and executive director of Showpaper—explained: "Our expectation was that they would be vandalized and/or would simply wear out or disappear over time. However, to steal our box after 24 hours, and then for the thief to attempt to sell it online for personal profit with flimsy, self-serving and self-righteous justifiers, that's just a steaming pile of bullshit. In the eyes of the law (and yes, I am a grownup and I have no qualms about citing the law) it is a crime to sell stolen property whether or not you claim that you didn't do the stealing." He also had this message for the thief: "You stole something, knew what you were stealing and from whom, and are dumb enough to post evidence of your theft online. Whatever justifications you tell yourself to feel better about it, you're a douchebag. You stole a locked piece of property from a not-for-profit, and you're attempting to profit personally from it. We hope you get what you deserve."

Well, the thief just made off with $4,200 (plus whatever he doesn't use of the $150 shipping charge).