121008ohio.jpgArgh, must everything that makes life worth tolerating in New York City be systematically eradicated? According to Alexis Soloski at the Village Voice, the Ohio Theatre on Wooster Street will soon be extinct. The building that houses the illustrious avant-garde theater is being sold by its owners because "maintenance expenses and preservation of the façade required by the city created an untenable financial burden," and artistic director Robert Lyons has no illusions about affordable rent under the new owner. Which sucks because the 24-year-old Ohio—currently occupied by Les Freres Corbusier's Dance Dance Revolution—plays host to some of the most exciting theater on earth. As Claudia La Rocco at WNYC put it, "That’s just great: protect the façade but not the beating heart underneath...As a friend put it yesterday, 'it’ll be a real shame if the legacy of the Bloomberg administration and the boom years is a handful of bland generic populist cultural centers.'" [Photo cred]