Ballpits are fun, especially when you are an adult and quite drunk inside of one. They are also a little bit gross—parenting forums describe them as literal cesspools of bacteria, and think of all the cool diseases grown-ups get! So it is with tepid excitement that we deliver the news that SoHo will get a free ballpit for "adults" this month. Wet-Naps can be purchased here.

AM New York reports that British-born ballpit, JumpIn, will debut at 455 Broadway on August 21st. The 81,000-ball pit is designed by U.K. creative agency Pearlfisher, and first opened in London in January, to much fanfare.

Soon, all the germ-covered balls will be ours, though mostly SoHo office workers will get to benefit from them—the pit's only open on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and will be whisked away come September 21st. But if you can make it over there before Doomsday, the pit's free (a $5 donation is welcome)—you can reserve a 30-minute session online.

And for a first-person narrative on what life's like inside a giant ballpit, check out our coverage of THE BEACH exhibition in DC. I did not get a disease from that pit, though I did accidentally take a nap in it.