cobain0908.jpegLast night Jesse Frohman's "In Bloom" exhibit opened at SoHo Grand's gallery, and Papermag describes it as "epic," twice (doubly epic!). The show features Frohman's now 14-year-old images of Kurt Cobain, and allegedly some photos of flowers. He told the website, "This shoot was supposed to be a five hour shoot. We had to do it in 15 minutes. It was crazy." It took place in NYC just before Cobain's death, and the singer arrived 3 hours late, looking exactly how he does in the photographs. But why show the seven photographs, from one photo shoot, this just one more person trying to capitalize on Cobain? Could he be using his 15 minutes with the icon to get his, you know, 15 minutes? Whatever the reason, the show runs through January 31st, and images from the shoot are available for purchase in multiple places online.