The Post's Bridget Harrison delves into the world of trying to hit on hot ladies and get your tech on - by gauging the mojo of the SoHo Apple Store. However, the revelation of tech-temple as mating-mecca will come to as no surprise to anyone who read Keith Allison's City Magazine story, Babes In Toyland. Gothamist loves the graphics that accompanied Allison's piece, but Harrison does get some seriously inane quotes from Apple Store customers, like "And if you talk to a guy in the Apple Store, you already know he's going to be modern and up-to-date and sober. It's healthier than picking up someone in a bar." (well, sober at that moment) and "Saying, 'What are you downloading these days?' sounds so much cooler than the line, 'What are you drinking?' in a bar." (does it? does it really sound that much cooler?). Hmm. Gothamist has some thoughts on nerdy places to meet cute:
- The alternative music store (the traditional stand-by)
- A book reading (at least you know they're literate)
- The used clothing store (they're interested in recycling)
- A Gothamist event! (they like the Internets or free booze)
- The medical supply store when you're getting your orthopedic shoes you wear to look hip (orthopedic health is important)
- Meetup meeting (getting involved is hot)

What's the nerdiest place you've met someone? Or have you been approached at the Apple Store? Gothamist tends to get lost wondering about the engineering involved to have a floating glass floor, so we're sort of oblivious to the whole scene. And for our non-NYC readers, is this the case at other Apple Stores?