The latest in our Bingo Card series takes us... Indoors. Ever heard of it? Indoors is the hottest club in NYC right now, and is expected to stay hot for one to three more months... or maybe it's six more months, or maybe it's nine more months. We simply don't know. But you are doing the right thing hanging Indoors, and we wanted to offer some entertainment for our shared time in isolation.

While we previously offered up New York City bingo cards bringing you from the sidewalks to the skyscrapers to the street vendors of this glorious town, New Yorkers have now retreated inside as the city hits PAUSE to slow the spread of COVID-19. What are you all doing in there? We've got a pretty good idea. Print out this card or pull it up on one of your screens, and become a winner.

Sarah Butler / Gothamist

When we get to be social again, you can revisit our previous Bingo Cards: