[members of the band from left to right include singer Bilge Byron, guitarist Mr. Brooke Shields and singer Bilge Barren. Our drummer is a ghost and for that reason is difficult to be captured on photograph]

Yesterday Gothamist received an email from a band that, as far as we can tell, are worth checking out. Since we won't be able to say it any better we'll just show you the email and suggest you show up at 180 Orchard Street tomorrow night before 9, with a flask:


We are Haunted Pussy and we are performing this coming Thursday, July 29th at 180 Orchard St. at 7 PM to audiences of 20 people at a time, every half hour until 9 pm. You may bring your own libations (please bring extra and share if you care or dare, we are poor.) There is a $2 suggested donation for the show, and we promise to wholly rock you and leave you blistering with the after-effects of eerie histrionic fear-metal.

"Black Sabbath meets Led Zeppelin meets Heart" - a fan (who's brain we warped with the power of rock)

"You guys are going to be huge! I love Yoko Ono!" - Tina Trachtenburg (of the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players who invited us to open up for them last week at South Paw because we shredded her soul with mind-melting metal.)

Thank you,

Haunted Pussy

addendum: for more, and we use this word lightly, information on this band check out this post on Gawker