akrucoff_big.jpgSomehow, for his very last interview here at Gothamist, Andrew Krucoff manages to interview himself. It's amazing what a mirror, tape recorder, or healthy number of multiple personalities can do. Oh, wait, it seems that Chris Gage helped out. Nice, but we wouldn't have put it past Andrew to have clenched his fists and given a lengthy soap-opera style monologue ("Oh, yes...Marlena will be mine"). At any rate, Gothamist is glad that he has lowered the curtain to reveal where he summers as well as his beginning as a print journalist, because it's something we've always wondered, too.

Thank you, Andrew (and Chris), for all the hard work you have put into the interviews every day for the past few months. This was some wild idea you had, but a fabulous one that we've all benefited from. We wish you the very best of luck and look forward to your future endeavors. In the meantime, we'll be able to stalk you via The Other Page.

And in the upcoming weeks, Gothamist will have guest interviewers for each week. Our first interviewer is K. Thor Jensen. And if you're interested in being an interviewer, e-mail Jake.